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Wiz khalifa - paperbond

Wiz khalifa drops new video "paperbond" off of O.n.i.f.c. 


The Weeknd

Kiss Land


"The Gifted" Series Ep. IV

Wale's "The Gifted" In Stores Now

Theyadore Ray

Local Baton Rouge Artist


Many artists struggle to establish their musical identity, but there are others that emerge fully molded, in full command of their craft, their identity and their music. Theyadore Ray embodies this notion. A Bayou Goula, Louisiana native, Ray's musical endeavors were encouraged by a family of exceptional entertainers/musicians, etc. He's currently the leading artist of the #QuarterbackClub gaining acclaim for his Debut mixtape "Back 2 the Basics" (released Summer '12). Dedicated to his craft, conscious arts, & creative merit, His Debut EP "Here Goes Nothing", is also slated to be released later this year. Sure to be a refreshing new face in the Hip-Hop music community, Ray's sound comprises sounds of past, present, and future genius musical creators. Partnering with his producer, co-label artist, & brother Jeremy Dennis (Kid Royale of #QBC), Ray & the QuarterbackClub will soon rise & much later retire in the ranks of the greatest musicians to ever exist.



Having always had a passion for music; Quenton Jackson first realized his musical talents in seventh grade. After entertaining the idea for some time, it wasn't until his ninth grade year of high school where he recorded and sold his first mixtape, "They Feelin Me Now Vol. 1." that he truely found his calling. in 2009, quennton created his own record label, "Knock a Dome Loose Entertainment" (k.a.d.l.e.). though the name may sound agressive initially, its true nature rerpresents that of, loyalty, friends, family, and going against the norms. Quenton creates his music on topics most can relate to, daily life, family, fun, and personal struggles. It's currently 2013 and He is still striving for excellence, building a great team, and surrounding myself with those that have the same vision of success as he.


Que Jackson

Local Baton Rouge Artist




Kelly Green

Local Baton Rouge Artist

​Kelly Green, Born Jordan Kelly, is a Baton Rouge native currently based in Port Hudson, Louisiana. Living on the outskirts of Baton Rouge, he has developed his own sound setting himself apart from the dance heavy hip-hop baton rouge hip-hop scene. In his music his southern roots are noticeable, but he also incorporates many other genres of music to bring diversity to his sound. His music is for the underdog and coming from a small city, Kelly Green has an extra burden on his Shoulders.

Chance The Rapper

EveryBody's Something Video

Acid Rap

​Always having a strong passion for photography, even before receiving her first professional camera, Shuntel Jenkins has always been documenting imagery in hopes to get others things in her perspective. With life being a large inspiration, it is no coincidence that "Life Magazine" has aided in her growth in photography, with hopes to also own her own magazine in the future. for her, photography is about capturing the most valuable moments in time; the happy moments, the sad moments, the intimate moments, and everything in between. photography not only captures the moment, it also sparks the mind to relive it.

Shuntel Jenkins

Local Baton Rouge Artist

American Ecstasy 

Red Band Trailer

Goons; the name deriving from the creatures he creates. Street artist turned Illustrator, Goons, was born in Denver and currently resides in Vermont. Having always had a passion for graffiti and wanting to bring his own personality and style to the illegal art community, his “Goons” were then created. Having no formal training Goons creates with pure, free talent. His art is full of color, seeing his illustrations would easily bring a smile to anyone’s face. Goon’s art represents protectors of the innocence found in all of us. He believes strongly in going for the dream’s  in your heart and standing your ground.


Local Vermont Artist

Childish Gambino

Clapping for the Wrong Reasons

Adrianna jenkins, from the city of lake charles in louisiana, describes herself to that of the goddess nieth. In the sense of possessing similar qualities such as being a weaver/ creator, mother, and warrior. Studying child development at southern university a&m, her goal is to help inspire young children in finding and following their niche. Not having any formal training in the arts until 2009, Adrianna has pushed forward on pure talent. Her art represents everything to her. Her content focuses largely on the african american female body. As an artist, what she wants most is to bring her ideas to light. learning that there are no comparisons when it comes to art, all you have is what's in your mind and what comes out of your hands.  

Adrianna Jenkins

Local Baton Rouge Artist

Aizone FW13 Campaign

Behind The Scenes

Michael A. Walker, Better Known as arthouse 2041. Born in San Jose, California, ArtHouse 2041 has been living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana most of his life.  With Heavy influences from high acclaimed art masters such as Matisse, van gogh, byzantine, and early christian art styles. looking at ArtHouse's catalog, known as "Pulp Art Nuevo!" these influencers are very prevalent in the majority of his works. With an extremely colorful and controversial style, it is seen heavily in pieces like, "Jesus and his .45," "MethHead Mary," and "Bitch Shut The Fuck Up." ArtHouse 2041 brings a very refreshing style and touches on subjects few would dare to. 

ArtHouse 2041

Local Baton Rouge Artist

A$Ap Rocky & Snoop Lion

Back and Forth

Born Emily Lovejoy, From New Orleans, Louisiana. Even as a child Emily has had a strong interest in the arts. looking at masters like leonardo da vinci and van gogh, in hopes to one day create on their level. Emily's art represents a need to be surrounded by beauty and a need to create. She wants to bring more "relevant" art to the eyes of the public in her city of new orleans, and move away from the ideal of the "Classic New Orleans style Art," with depictions of the French Quarter and Seafood. As an artist she wants to not only create, but bring together underground outlets in the city; like skaters, graffiti artist, and hip-hop scenes. Emily has already begun this, recently curating a group exhibition at "The Big Top" called "presence," which displayed a grand number of fine and street artist. Be sure to look out for more from Emily, now working on "Secret Walls" where she will be both coordinating and participating in the international pop up art show and graffiti battle.

Emily LoveJoy

Local New Orleans Artist

Erick fields, a native of Baton Rouge Louisiana. From making comic books to trying to tattoo himself with india ink, art has been a passion and apart of his life since a young age. with a urban/folk art style, Erick's art represents the grotesque and beautiful. His unique style is a direct result of his baton rouge upbringing, caught between southern living and urban aspirations. Bringing a unique perspective to all of his subjects, Erick's art is a visual vinyl.

Erick Fields

Local Baton rouge Artist

Megan Buccere, Originally from Tennessee, where she grew up taking art lessons. After moving to Louisiana in her high school years, her interest in the arts expanded, where she was influenced by her teacher, donna soniat, to become an art teacher herself. Having been teaching for thirteen years now, Megan is also a professional artist; Owning a pottery company and having artwork featured in private collections, local art galleries, national publications, and online publications. Having a very sporadic art style, Megan tends to jump around to different subjects matters and styles often. Her goal as an artist is simply to inspire, inspiring her students and other young artist to create and seek out their own passions. She does not want to change the world with art, she wants art to change her world 

Megan Buccere

Local Baton Rouge Artist

Childish Gambino

Interview With The Breakfast Club


I Forgot my phone

Born Jessica Gutierrez in Atlanta, georgia, She and her family moved to baton rouge, louisiana not long after hurricane katrina took place. Giving credit toward her older brother for her artistic influence and with helping kick start her creativity, she notes admiration toward his skill in graffiti art. After being challenged by her brother to create art on her own, jessica took his words to heart and set out to be even greater. These events have helped pave the way toward her artistic journey. Jessica's art represents her thoughts. The thoughts that can not be explained or put into words, but can be sometimes captured through the emotions artwork can produce in an individual. Everyone sees the world in their own point of view; her pieces are each apart of her and how she sees the world. 

Jessica Gutierrez

Local Baton Rouge Artist

Childish gambino Feat. Chance The Rapper

The Worst Guys

Because The Internet

Mario Hugo

Off The Wall

Suli Breaks 

Crazy People Will One Day Rule The World

 Listen to the inspiration behind the piece   Suli Breaks

Jay Prince Feat. Theyadore Ray & Samuel Mo

Late Nights


Bok Bok Feat. Kelela 

Melba's Call

Melba's Call

Pharrell Williams & Spike Lee

Artist Tlk


Author: Bre Jordan

So I was scrolling down instagram yesterday morning, checking out the usual foolishness of the people I follow, when I see a post saying people in Chicago rallied in front of the police department. My initial thought when I read it, “Man, keep scrolling.” I got about five pictures down and something told me to go back and read the rest of the post. What I read was ridiculous. 
The people of Chicago are demanding that the police, as well as President Obama, get together and do something about the crime. It also said that if President Obama did not do anything about it, he’d go down as the worst president in history.
Before I started to get upset, I went on to verify this actually happened. Y’all know these days anything put on the Internet is “true”.
It’s no secret that the violence in Chicago is completely out of control. Just over 4th of July weekend, a total of 82 people were shot! Of those 82 people, 16 were killed – and people wonder why everyone is calling it Chiraq. These people are having a war within the city against themselves. 
What really amazes me, it took for 82 people to get shot before the mayor decided that now is the time to put an end to the gun violence. 
Fine time for that, sir. 
What’s even more unbelievable is that Jessie Jackson is the one blaming POTUS because it appears to him that the President is more concerned with immigrant children. The good reverend said, “If we can find $4 billion for those children — and we should — we can find $2 billion for Chicago. There are more children involved, and more have been killed, and more have been shot.” 
Here’s my thing… How can anyone point the finger at President Obama directly? If anything, the rev should be talking to the people of Chicago. If you get President Obama on board, then what? How will $2 billion dollars directly help the city of Chicago when the gun violence stems from the people? If it’s all they know, that’s all they’ll do. 
What is he going to do different that the people of Chicago themselves can’t do? They must first start within themselves. 
This doesn’t just go to Chicago. It goes to every city in the U.S. In order to get gun violence to go down, besides stricter gun laws, we have to start with ourselves! 
Wake up people! The President isn’t to blame for any of this. He’s not putting a gun in anyone’s hand.
 If you’re tired of people getting shot and/or killed, PUT THE GUNS DOWN! 
If you don’t necessarily partake in gun violence, gangs, etc. but know someone who does, talk to them! Let them know, you’re tired of seeing the lives or young African Americans being taken so soon by guns and the prison system. Why are you so angry? Why does taking the life of another human being give you satisfaction? Why don’t you want to beat the odds and prove you’re not another statistic? What makes it so cool to carry a gun, walk around mad all the time and feel you want to take someone from their loved ones? Revenge? How is it so easy to pick up a gun and throw your own life away? Does the guilt eat away at you knowing you didn’t reach your full potential because you felt “killin’ or shootin’ a nigga” was easier?
These are all questions I want to ask every person who feels picking up a gun is the answer to their problems.
We must first start within ourselves. Stop talking about what the city officials should do and start doing something to make your city better! This is YOUR CITY, YOUR HOME!
Get it together! 

Public Enemy

Author: Bre Jordan

 I find it funny how I feel nervous every time I see the police. I'm never doing anything to where I should feel nervous, but these days you just don't know. It's like they're out to get you instead of "protect & serve". There are good police officers out there but the bad ones are making them all look bad.” This is a status I posted on Facebook in April. America is no stranger to police brutality. We all know about Rodney King. There are countless amounts of incidents where the actions of cops are called into question that we don’t hear about.Just last week, a man in New York, Eric Garner, died after being put in a chokehold by police. It came out that he had asthma and later died in route to the hospital of a heart attack. Repeatedly telling the officers, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” didn’t stop them from trying to take him down. Watching the video, no lie, I almost cried. Watching that police officer continue to keep this man in a chokehold even after he was on the ground, with several other officers assisting, just did nothing but piss me off more.  I understand there are protocols to go by in certain situations to keep officers and citizens safe, but lets face it – this was completely unnecessary! Even though he is a big man, as many officers that were there to take him down, they could’ve done just that without the chokehold! Why exactly did they need to take him down anyway? From what was said on the video, he tried to break up a fight and this is the aftermath. Now there’s a family who has lost a loved one because an impatient individual wanted to “save the day”.This is the exact reason why, today, no one trust cops. Why would I call the police to help me when it seems like all they’re going to do is beat yo ass or take you to jail for some bullshit. It’s as if they’re looking for any reason to take you in. Don’t get me wrong… there are some good cops out there, who actually have every intention on protecting and serving the citizens of their city. But, let’s face it, it most certainly seems as if there are more bad officers than good.Whenever I see the police, whether it’s on the side of the street, at the store, ducked off in the parking lot at night trying to catch somebody speeding or riding past me, I get terrified. Aren’t you supposed to feel safe when you see the police? When I was younger, I did. As you get older, you see the world for what it really is. This day in age with all the technology we have, you hear very often of police in a negative light. I just hope it gets better because this “fuck the police” mentality we have & the “they’re all up to no good” mentality a lot of these cops have will only continue to result in more tragedy.

Nardwuar vs. Wu-tang clan